How Much Do Looks Matter to Women?

Some men wear make up now. Don’t believe me? Check out or when you get a chance. They have entire product lines of cosmetics specifically for men.

Times are changing. Increasing emphasis is being placed on men’s physical appearances and men are responding accordingly (by buying cosmetics to cover their unsightly blemishes, apparently).

But, sometimes I wonder if we don’t overestimate how much emphasis women are placing on looks.

The important question then is exactly how much physical appearances matter to women on adultfrienedfinder nowadays. Are average and below average men doomed to struggle with women? Does the modern woman only care about looks? Has natural selection genetically wired women to seek only good looking men?

Obviously, these are very important questions. If looks are all that matters then we may just be wasting our time… our genes have already dictated whether we will be successful with women.

I recently took a survey to see how much men thought that women cared about looks. The results were surprising. On average, you guys thought that, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being looks are all women care about, 1 being they don’t care about looks much at all), looks were a 5.74 of importance to women.

As you can see, while the average score may have been around 6, the majority of scores were 7’s and 8’s. These are frighteningly high statistics to men of humble appearance.

If I were to vote on this poll I would give it a 3. For the remainder of this article I would like to explain why. If you disagree with me, or if you voted higher than a 3, it may do you good to give this a careful read through. Believing that looks are all that matters (or that they are very, very important) is disempowering and worse, it’s just not true.

Let’s look at natural selection first as this will provide a nice foundation. Back in the days of “cavemen” looks were a non issue in comparison with today. Life was about survival. Women were much less likely to care about the subtleties of your facial features and much more likely to care about your social ranking, your sexual potency, your ability to provide food, shelter, and other necessities for any offspring, and your ability to keep her and her offspring safe. In this time and environment, women checked to see if you looked healthy and that was the extent of it. Other factors were much, much more important than looks.

But, at noted earlier, times have changed. Survival, for most of the world, has become a non issue… yet the genetic wiring stays the same.

There was an interesting survey done where women were asked, on a scale of 1-7 (7 being “very willing” and 1 being “not at all”), how likely they would be to marry someone who was not good-looking. Their average score was 4.42 which, you will notice is significantly closer to “very willing” than “not at all.”

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