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Поисковая оптимизация: Повышение видимости в Google, Bing и других поисковых системах

Поисковая оптимизация стала ужасно сложной темой, с множеством различных методов и гаечных ключей для решения самых разных вопросов очень сложными способами. Многие профессионалы часто считают это “черным искусством”, и без твердого понимания SEO начать или развивать бизнес может быть очень сложно.…

Relationship Advice

What’s Possible For Women When Conscious Men Witness

As I sat there talking to Paul about this, I went into a bit of a trance. Paul had just showed me a video he had made talking to men, telling them to wake up. Paul and I are both crusaders on the path to awakeness. He and I both had to have the worst possible things happen to us in order for us to wake up and so we know that WAKING UP doesn’t happen with feathers and fairy dust. Both Paul and I lost our fathers at very young ages. Both of us could have remained unconscious, choosing …


MYSL sex guide

They only know what is reported back to them and let me tell you that, from my experience, what is reported back isn’t always accurate or interpreted correctly. For example, there is one particular erogenous zone called the deep spot that induces very strong orgasms in women. The theory based sexual expert will instruct you about this, perhaps telling you about an oral sex technique or give you a sex positions guide to help with the task. They’ll even tell you it works best if you do it in such-and-such a way. They are basing that knowledge on their own …


How Much Do Looks Matter to Women?

Some men wear make up now. Don’t believe me? Check out or when you get a chance. They have entire product lines of cosmetics specifically for men.

Times are changing. Increasing emphasis is being placed on men’s physical appearances and men are responding accordingly (by buying cosmetics to cover their unsightly blemishes, apparently).…



Chemistry is a new and unique dating site that is set up especially for people who are seeking meaningful and long-term relationships. Chemistry is a different type of dating site in that they will find exactly the relationship you are looking for. Chemistry’s motto is “come as you are,” and they certainly seem to mean every word of it.…


How To Get Phone Numbers From Women

Last time I promised to teach you how to get a phone number from a woman. So here it is:

The method I use to get phone numbers is quite unique. Instead of “going for a number directly” like most men do (after hesitating for minutes, days, or even weeks) I gauge a woman’s interest level BEFORE asking for her digits. No matter I am meeting women at a party or at a bus stop, I ALWAYS
start a conversation and gauge her interest level before asking for her phone number.…


Top 10 Tips for Picking up Women and Becoming the Pick Up Artist

Why these pick up artist tips are important

These a quickfire style tips which should be in the back of your mind at all times, the moment you start to swerve off track and get sucked into the dark side of pickup… you know the strange forum guys, just read these and get back on track.…

Dating Tips

Special Dating Tips to Win the Heart of your Special Someone

Creative dating tips have always been in great demand, for millions of young boys and girls, who have just experienced the beautiful feeling of love and desire. The concept of going on a date with your special someone, has been present since time immemorial, but has been modernized and developed with changing times and desires. It is these dating tips that add a spark to the love life, and is a great way to win the heart of that special someone, and woo her in the most unique manner. …

Relationship Advice

How to save your marriage today

With so many self-help books, talk show gurus and marriage counsellors around these days claiming to tell you how to save your marriage today, isn’t it odd that the divorce rate is still so high?

The books and therapists do put forward some great tips and advice, but there are some things that need to be in place in your relationship before you can even start following their advice to help save your marriage today……