How Much Do Looks Matter to Women?

Some men wear make up now. Don’t believe me? Check out or when you get a chance. They have entire product lines of cosmetics specifically for men.

Times are changing. Increasing emphasis is being placed on men’s physical appearances and men are responding accordingly (by buying cosmetics to cover their unsightly blemishes, apparently).…



Chemistry is a new and unique dating site that is set up especially for people who are seeking meaningful and long-term relationships. Chemistry is a different type of dating site in that they will find exactly the relationship you are looking for. Chemistry’s motto is “come as you are,” and they certainly seem to mean every word of it.…


How To Get Phone Numbers From Women

Last time I promised to teach you how to get a phone number from a woman. So here it is:

The method I use to get phone numbers is quite unique. Instead of “going for a number directly” like most men do (after hesitating for minutes, days, or even weeks) I gauge a woman’s interest level BEFORE asking for her digits. No matter I am meeting women at a party or at a bus stop, I ALWAYS
start a conversation and gauge her interest level before asking for her phone number.…


Top 10 Tips for Picking up Women and Becoming the Pick Up Artist

Why these pick up artist tips are important

These a quickfire style tips which should be in the back of your mind at all times, the moment you start to swerve off track and get sucked into the dark side of pickup… you know the strange forum guys, just read these and get back on track.…


Dating Tips After Divorce

You know dating is pretty hard when you think about it at any age. Whether it is from when you get your first french kiss to when you need to enter the dating market again due to divorce. So hopefully these dating tips should help you a little from the experience I gained after starting on the dating market again.…


Dating Women Tips For Meeting Online

You know dating women online can be a daunting task if you are not used to it. What do you put in your profile, how do you approach women when you first make contact. There are so many different ways that you can portray yourself on line that you have to be careful. The important thing is don’t rush into it like a little boy on their first date. Stay calm collected and casual and take note of the information below.…


Start Dating Again

Many people, for whatever reason, may find themselves in the position of  having to start dating again. This can happen for a variety of reasons, and forming a new relationship may be difficult at first. When adults start dating again after being in a committed relationship for many years, it’s best to start fresh with a new person and try and leave out most details of your past.…


How Does the Speed Dating Experience Work and just how Fast is it?

Not everyone who goes out pubbing and clubbing are after that casual experience of course, but the fact of the matter is that there’s a lot of these types who are. This is why the high street ‘Meat Rack’, as it’s often called, is not always the best place to meet new friends and form new relationships. Alternative options for singles such as online dating and speed dating nights, are considered the smart dating of the twenty first century.…


Is It The Reality Of Love Or Your Interpretation?

Lately I have been struck by how much we let our interpretation of love and life rather than the facts guide our lives. Let me give you some examples. Many of these will not be about love or relationships, but bare with me and I will bring all this around to love:…


Come comprare (un) miglioramento personale con un budget limitato

Frühling e la fase in cui la maggior parte delle donne e dei ragazzi si sono messi a dieta, e quelli che lo fanno sono un po’ piu forti, e quelli che lo fanno sono un po’ piu stanchi. Dabei fragen sich die meisten, warum so viel leiden um ein paar Kilos abzunehmen? Gibt es denn kein anderen Weg außer hungern, Diät halten und jeden Tag Sport?

La risposta e si, non ci sono altre strade, senza un’operazione o una cura medica, su un’arte e un modo di fare piu sereno, sano e semplice! Chi ha un rapporto di vita …