Dating Tips After Divorce

You know dating is pretty hard when you think about it at any age. Whether it is from when you get your first french kiss to when you need to enter the dating market again due to divorce. So hopefully these dating tips should help you a little from the experience I gained after starting on the dating market again.

Okay so divorce is a nightmare and normally you would expect to be married for the rest of your life, once you have plucked up the courage to take your vowes in the first place. But we live in a complicated world nowadays and the fact is that sometimes relationships just do not last.

Therefore after how many years did you find yourself back on the dating scene again? Oh my god,, you are probably not 21 again and as snappy or as skinny as you used to be, so where do you start. Well the one thing is you know you are going to have to start dating again at some point, so you may as well buckle up and get on with it.

New Types Of Dating Tips Advice

You can either look for all the ladies or gents that you once were attracted to on facebook or friends reunited or login, but I tend to find this is probably not the best idea. Just due to the fact it is normally too close to you and you could damage good relationships you have with people.

Also remember why you are getting divorced in the first place.

Think about the following attributes of someone before you decide who you are looking for… Sounds a bit mad but keep listening

Your relationship has ended so think about why it has ended –

  • – Was it because you argued all the time?
  • – Was it because your wife or husband tried to change you?
  • – Did you have any annoying habits?
  • – Were you a financial disaster?
  • – Did you or they cheat on each other?

Anything basically you can think about that ended your marriage, is not something you want to go through again.
Therefore you will definitely want to look for the opposite attributes in your new partner when you start dating.

Also if you find that you are always going for the same type of person all the time, they are all blond, they are all short, they are all sarcastic. Or anything you can see a trend with., Then this is probably telling you that the type of person you are looking for is probably not the right type for you.

Breaking the trend is a really hard thing to do. But if you are moving out of your marriage, make sure that you make a big change in regards to your dating habits.

The reason most people are unhappy in the first place, is due to the fact that you always do the same things. Such as

  • – go out with the same looking people
  • – go out with the same personality types
  • – still live in the same area with the same type of people

There are so many things in your life that you can find a pattern too.

So my dating tips are

  • – Be confident
  • – Be kind
  • – Be funny
  • – Look for the opposite in people that you used to find attractive
  • – Get on with your ex as it doesn’t help bringing them into a new relationship
  • – Make sure you live your life and put the past behind you
  • – Don’t mope around, get on with your life and get yourself out there
  • – Try internet dating it is a great way to get started without having to actually meet anyone, unless you want to of course.

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