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What’s Possible For Women When Conscious Men Witness

As I sat there talking to Paul about this, I went into a bit of a trance. Paul had just showed me a video he had made talking to men, telling them to wake up. Paul and I are both crusaders on the path to awakeness. He and I both had to have the worst possible things happen to us in order for us to wake up and so we know that WAKING UP doesn’t happen with feathers and fairy dust. Both Paul and I lost our fathers at very young ages. Both of us could have remained unconscious, choosing …

Relationship Advice

How to save your marriage today

With so many self-help books, talk show gurus and marriage counsellors around these days claiming to tell you how to save your marriage today, isn’t it odd that the divorce rate is still so high?

The books and therapists do put forward some great tips and advice, but there are some things that need to be in place in your relationship before you can even start following their advice to help save your marriage today……

Relationship Advice

Universal Laws of Attracting and Creating a Healthy Relationship or Marriage – the kind you have always wanted

Below are the universal laws of attraction and transformation for deep love and long-lasting relationship or marriage. I did not create these laws, but observed them – in my own life and the lives of clients. I have observed them in the questions I get from readers of this newsletter. I have observed them in the lives of great teachers and ordinary people. Wherever I have looked, the people who are truly happy in their relationships and marriage, are not settling, putting up with, or suffering. The people who have the kind of relationship most of us want are living …