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They only know what is reported back to them and let me tell you that, from my experience, what is reported back isn’t always accurate or interpreted correctly. For example, there is one particular erogenous zone called the deep spot that induces very strong orgasms in women. The theory based sexual expert will instruct you about this, perhaps telling you about an oral sex technique or give you a sex positions guide to help with the task. They’ll even tell you it works best if you do it in such-and-such a way. They are basing that knowledge on their own limited personal experience with perhaps only a small number of partners or from theory only! Think about that, it’s mainly theory! They can’t give you the real intimate detail and how to apply that to any given woman. We, on the other hand, can give you that level of detail!

Think about this for a moment. A so-called professional “sexpert” with limited practical experience? If you want to be a great golfer you go to the club professional, somebody who plays everyday off scratch, not somebody who’s only read the theory in magazines and played a few rounds of crazy-golf with his wife on holiday! Sure you could might pick up a couple of things but you would never master it. This is what its like with most sexperts. They are just theory teachers, they don’t use adultfriendrfinder!

There’s also what we term the esoteric type of advice based more on spirituality and sensuality. This is great in the right place but it often never gets down to the detail on what you actually need to do and how.

Here are some genuine quotes from these type of courses: “This pose is so named because your partner’s movements look like the flick of a fish’s tail as it darts through the water.” Or “Best thrusting vibrator enables lovers to touch each other in many places and increase their feelings of intimacy. The name derives from the fact that the man, resting on his hands and knees, looks like a Dragon. This mythical creature features in the names of several Taoist poses – The Dragon being both magical and fiery.” What does that actually teach you? I’m not really sure! But its NOT the way we teach.

These techniques are all about creating a connection through touching and spirituality. There’s no discussion about how best you can apply an oral sex technique that will take most women to orgasm. These courses are often far too esoteric for the average guy in the street. Asking a spiritual sex advisor questions relating to a particular technique and being told you need to experiment to get in touch with your partner’s feelings is great but it only takes you so far. Understanding the sexual psychology of women is very important but we do it from a basis of sound social psychology and experience, not from spirituality.

This is what makes us different. We come from both an academic and practical background, something we believe to be very important. We know what actually works in the multitude of real world situations any man’s liable to encounter. For example I am currently doing a thesis in the psychology of sexuality but I am also a bisexual women who has had sexual relationships with over 200 women. Nathan Xavier, our lead male sex advisor, has a background in social psychology and has had full sex with over 1200 women as a paid male escort or gigolo. Being paid to pleasure women meant he had to learn a skill set that he could apply to all women in order to give them the satisfaction they craved. We therefore have the real experience that most sexperts do not.

So if you listen to our free audio guide to anal sex available above, the advice we give comes from an anal sex technique that has been proven to work on hundreds of women. That’s proven practically, not theoretically! But I don’t need to tell you any of this, you just need to read the testimonials of some of our students as they relate the awesome experiences they’ve had since attending our workshops…

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