How Does the Speed Dating Experience Work and just how Fast is it?

Not everyone who goes out pubbing and clubbing are after that casual experience of course, but the fact of the matter is that there’s a lot of these types who are. This is why the high street ‘Meat Rack’, as it’s often called, is not always the best place to meet new friends and form new relationships. Alternative options for singles such as online dating and speed dating nights, are considered the smart dating of the twenty first century.

If you’re unimpressed with bars and a bit wary of online dating, then why not take the plunge and join the tens of thousands of happy couples who met through speed dating evenings? Speed dating nights are usually either hosted by speed dating services or by particular bars or clubs. They collect a number of singles, often between twenty and forty, and put them into a room together. Don’t worry. It’s nowhere near as nerve racking as it might sound. Keep reading on…

The way it works as shown in adultfrienedfinder app reviews is that the single men and women rotate around the room at timed intervals, usually between three and five minutes. This way, each of the men meets each of the women and vice-versa, but only for a short period of time. After each encounter, the singles mark whether or not they enjoyed the encounter on their own secret sheet of paper. At the end of the session, these sheets are turned in. Afterwards, any pairings which both members marked “yes” to, are given each others’ contact information, allowing them to get together for a rendezvous at any time after the event should they so wish.

Speed dating is based on the idea that when you meet someone new you usually get to form an impression pretty quickly, usually within the first few minutes. This is based on physical attraction, personality, and any of that latent chemistry we here so much about. So if things seem to go well during a speed date encounter, then you’ll probably get a good gut feeling about it and give the one on the opposite side of the table a big green tick hoping they felt the same way.

If you really can’t stand the one at your table during your mini speed date, then it’s better to know in just a few minutes than waste time on a committed date that could engulf an entire evening, or worse still, an whole day, depending on what you had planned for the occasion.

Meetings arranged though more conventional methods such as blind dates orchestrated by well meaning friends, or the one setup during the last dance of night club intoxication and unrealistic atmosphere, are never as easy to get out of should the two of you not hit it off. Such dates will inevitably drag on much longer than that 5 minutes speed dating experience, out of common courtesy if nothing else! So you can probably see the benefits now of the speed date experiment.

Let’s be perfectly clear about this Speed Dating phenomenon though. Speed dating might sound like a great way to get hooked up, but it most definitely is not for everyone. Not every person that gets thrown in at the deep end will learn to swim. If you’re a little on the shy side, you may feel like a tiny fish in a pool of sharks, and the whole experience may destroy, not build, your confidence for future dating. If you’re in no rush, then take the gentler, softer, approach and search for a little love online, which is perhaps the smartest way to meet other singles in 2010. Good luck!

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