Chemistry is a new and unique dating site that is set up especially for people who are seeking meaningful and long-term relationships. Chemistry is a different type of dating site in that they will find exactly the relationship you are looking for. Chemistry’s motto is “come as you are,” and they certainly seem to mean every word of it.

What makes Chemistry a great dating website is that they believe that meaningful relationships are based on two primary things: chemistry and compatibility similar as on adultfrinendfinder. Chemistry uses a ‘Next-Generation’ system that is based on years of researching both human attraction and the elements of successful relationships. The goal of Chemistry is for you to find a person with whom you share both compatibility and chemistry. Chemistry is one of the top rated dating sites on the Internet.

• Dating Site Category: Singles looking for long term relationships
• Site URL:
• Year Established: 2005
• Regions Served: Worldwide
• Number of Members: 11 Million
• Free Membership: No (7 day free trial membership)
• Premium Membership: No

Search By

You will begin by filling out a free personality profile. Then the profile is put into Chemistry’s software in order to find you the best match possible based on several factors including what type of person you are, your ideals, your personality, and your likes and dislikes. You won’t specifically do the searching through the member database. Chemistry will do that part for you.

Viewing Tools

Once you have completed the profile, you will receive matches with photos and profiles via email. Each will list occupation, pictures, interests, and what your match is looking for in a person. All of this information can be viewed at no charge. Your photo is displayed only if you are comfortable with that aspect of the process. It is not a requirement.

Communication Tools

Once you are a paid member of Chemistry, you can choose other members who you have been matched with. You can request communication with each of your matches by using Chemistry’s 1-2-3 Meet. This technology will show you the lead you through the process that will allow you to learn about your match and get you ready to meet them in person. 1-2-3 Meet will make sure that when you have found a match, you do not need to waste time e-mailing when you can meet in person as soon as you wish. Other members can even contact you, and you can decide, by viewing their pictures, interests or personality type, if you want to keep them active or archive them in your account.

Chemistry’s step-by-step introduction process allows you to control the pace and ask the questions. Select the questions from a preprinted list for better interaction. You can also stop communication with any match at any time, no matter what the reason.

Matching Tools

As previously mentioned, Chemistry uses the ‘Next-Generation’ technology to find you the perfect match. They find the match after you have completed the extensive personality profile. This will make sure that the scientific software used by Chemistry will find the best match depending on the information you placed in your profile.

Site Features

• Chemistry’s Chief Scientific Advisor Dr. Helen Fisher, who is a renowned biological anthropologist, author, and an expert in human attraction, has many resources on the site such as her books, a blog, her radio shows, and various video tutorials.
• The ‘Relationship Central’ link with various articles, blogs, facts, and discussions is quite helpful. You can even suggest the next discussion topic.

Customer Support Yes

Special Offers

• Free 7 day trial
• Chemistry is connected with, and you can do automatic profile transfers if you have a profile.

A Bit of Closure
While the Chemistry profile does take a bit of time to complete, the extensive list of questions helps to ensure that you get the best possible matches, which means fewer of those horrible blind date scenarios. What’s more is that their technology is better than most of the other long term relationship sites on the market. While it does tend to be a bit pricier than many of the other sites, it also provides you with better tools and better matches. The date evaluation tool, for after your first meeting, is also really helpful.

The biggest drawback with Chemistry is that you can’t read and browse profiles on your own – you simply browse those you’re matched with. In some cases, though, this isn’t really a drawback, because if you’re like most online dating site members, you’ve spent hours searching through profiles that simply don’t work anyway. Those wasted hours can’t be regained, but Chemistry works hard to ensure that you don’t waste anymore with their site. If you are quite serious about finding a long-termer, Chemistry makes it easy and fun. What’s more is that with a free seven day trial, this is really a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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